The Indoor Triathlon Challenge


Try one of the following indoor triathlon challenges to beat the rain/heat blues…

Level 1
1000 meter row
1000 meter cycle
1000 meter run

Level 2
2500 meter row
2500 meter cycle
2500 meter run

Level 3
5000 meter row
5000 meter cycle
5000 meter run

Guidelines for the challenge
Select the rower damper setting/bike level/running speed that suits your preferences and level of fitness. The treadmill should be set to 0% incline. Make sure you have a waterbottle and a towel close to hand as this is a very sweaty workout.

Remember, just like a real triathlon, the time taken to get from one exercise to another (transition) counts! Your time begins when you start the row and ends when you finish the run.

Post your times below…

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