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19 November 2012

Do you want to read all about what’s happening in the fitness industry? Do enjoy reading about health, fitness, nutrition and diet?  Do you like getting sent FREE stuff? Do you want a free digital issue? You should sign up for our FREE weekly FITzine…  Each Friday you’ll receive up to the minute fitness information straight to [...]

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Save £$£$ off the cover price of the magazine!

22 November 2012

SUBSCRIBE to the best fitness magazine in the UK!   Summer OFFER get 13 issues for just £19.99 (that’s an extra 2 issues over our normal 11 for a year). Save over £30 on the shop price!               Lose pounds, save £££ – it’s a GREAT deal! Digital magazine [...]

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Deck of cards

WoW – Mondays Workout 19/05/2014

19 May 2014

For this workout you need nothing more than a deck of cards. Shuffle your deck and place them face-down. Turn up the first card. For reds perform squats and black perform press ups. Do the number of repetitions indicated on the card – e.g. five of hearts = five squats. Nine of Spades = nice [...]

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Food on Friday Vol. 20

16 May 2014

Looking for an easy, mostly healthy and really tasty dessert? Look no further than today’s recipe! Baked Honey Apples with Chopped Fruit and Nuts – makes two Ingredients 2 large washed, firm apples – any sort 50 grams of chopped nuts – almonds, walnuts and/or pecans work well 25 grams of finely chopped sultanas 2 [...]

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WoW – Thursdays workout 15/05/2014

15 May 2014

Two exercises, one tough workout! Todays WoW provides a whole body workout using just two exercises. Virtually every muscle in your body gets a look-in from this combination of exercises. Perform 10 sets of the following couplet: 15 reps of deadlifts using 75% of your bodyweight (adjusted according to your fitness levels) 15 reps of press [...]

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Running Burpee Pyramid Workout

14 May 2014

Running Burpee Pyramid Workout Sometimes, fitness can seem awfully complicated and time consuming. By the time you have travelled to the gym, decided what class to go to or combination of exercises to perform, waited for the machines you want to use to be available and then showered and travelled home, you may well have [...]

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Understanding Fitness – Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting

13 May 2014

In addition to strong man events, there are two official “strength sports” which involve lifting heavy weights; Olympic lifting and powerlifting. To the uninitiated, these sports are interchangeable but in reality are very different. Olympic weightlifting, often simply called weightlifting, is an old sport and while the actual lifts contested have changed since its inception, [...]

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WoW – Mondays Workout 12/05/2014

12 May 2014

Todays workout is an ascending and descending pyramid circuit. Simply work down the list of exercises and then back up until you have completed each exercise twice… 5 chin ups/pull ups 10 Burpees 15 two-handed kettlebell swings 20 body rows 25 tuck jumps 30 lunges – 15 per leg 35 press ups 40 step ups [...]

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Food On Friday Vol. 19

09 May 2014

While breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, dinner is often where a good day’s eating can go wrong. You get home feeling tired and hungry and that can result in dialling for takeaway or grabbing a nutritionally-bankrupt ready meal. This issue’s menu is quick to prepare, healthy and filling! Salmon Fish [...]

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treadmill legs

WoW – Thursdays workout 08/05/2014

08 May 2014

Our workout today couldn’t be simpler…run 1 mile OR row 2000 meters and then do 100 press ups. Your time starts when you begin your run OR row and ends when you complete your final press up. We said it was simple – not easy! Record your time for comparison when you next perform this [...]

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Tabata Circuit Workout

07 May 2014

This No Frills workout is inspired by a form of interval training designed by Japanese sports scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata. Dr. Tabata and his colleagues utilized intense bouts of 20 seconds exercise interspersed with brief 10 second rests which were repeated eight to ten times and resulted in workouts lasting no more than five minutes. [...]

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The Ton up Circuit

06 May 2014

The Ton up Circuit Most workouts are controlled in a similar way – using a prescribed number of sets, reps and recovery periods. There is nothing wrong with this but it does mean that, in many cases, the main workout variable is the exercises selected. In this workout, all traditional set and rep schemes are [...]

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