WoW – Thursdays workout 24/04/2014

Indoor Triathlon

Equipment: Rowing machine, exercise bike, treadmill, stopwatch.
Duration: Against the clock.
Purpose: Aerobic conditioning.
Method: This workout is a straight race against yourself and the clock. Perform each discipline as fast as possible, including the transitions between exercises—the time starts when you begin rowing and ends when you finish running. Although speed is of the essence, make sure you don’t set off so fast that you fail to finish. Record your time and try to beat it when you repeat this workout.

  1. Row 2,000 meters
  2. Cycle 5,000 meters
  3. Run 2,000 meters

Exercise Descriptions

Row 2,000 meters
Rowing is an effective all-over cardiovascular exercise. As rowing machines vary from model to model you should view these instructions as technique rather than operational guidelines.

  • Set the rowing computer to 2,000 meters
  • Fix your feet to the foot plates so that the strap is across the broadest part of your feet
  • Grasp the handle with an overhand grip
  • Bend your knees, extend your arms and sit up tall – this is your starting position
  • Drive hard with your legs and, as the handle crosses your knees, begin to pull with your arms
  • Continue pulling until the handle touches your abdomen
  • Extend your arms, bend your legs and slide forward to return to the starting position
  • Do not allow your lower back to round as this can lead to injury

Cycle 5,000 meters
This simple cardiovascular exercise can all go horribly wrong if you don’t set your bike up correctly! Professional cyclists spend weeks in wind tunnels making sure they are properly positioned on your bike. Make sure you spend a few seconds you are set up properly too! Do this prior to starting the workout to save transition time…

  • Stand next to the bike and adjust the seat so that it is level with your hip
  • Sit on the bike and place your feet in the pedal straps. The balls of your feet should be directly aligned with the pivot point of the pedal
  • Push one leg all the way down – you should have a slight bend in your knee and should not need to rock over
  • Repeat this process with the other leg in case you have a leg length discrepancy
  • Place your hands on the handle bars, set the distance on the bike computer and begin pedalling
  • Try to keep your upper body relaxed and avoid rocking from side to side – this is uneconomical and can make cycling uncomfortable

Run 2,000 meters
Your legs may be feeling decidedly jelly-like now and the only way you will get them feeling even halfway normal is to set off on your run at a good, fast pace. Starting off slowly merely delays the recovery of your leg muscles. As each treadmill operates differently, use these instructions as a guide to running technique.

  • Stand on the centre of the belt near the front
  • Start the treadmill and quickly progress from a walk to a jog to a run
  • Focus on a light foot fall while using a heel-toe action and keeping your upper body relaxed
  • Stay fairly close to the front of the treadmill so you can hit the emergency stop button if you get into trouble

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