WoW – Mondays workout 14/07/2014

This workout gradually builds in intensity and can really creep up on you…!

Press up/Burpee Pyramid
Duration: Against the Clock
Equipment: Stopwatch
Method: Perform burpees as per instructions below BUT increase the number of press ups you perform mid-burpee each time*.

  • Stand with your feet together and your hands by your sides
  • Bend down and place your hands outside of your feet
  • Jump your feet back into the press up position
  • Perform a single press up*
  • Jump your feet back in
  • Stand up

Option 1 – STOP at 10 press ups…your workout is complete!

Option 2 - Carry on adding a press up per burpee until you are unable to continue and see just how many you can do…

Option 3 – On reaching 10 press ups, continue but reduce the press ups/push ups by 1 rep at a time until you get back down to 1.

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