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19 November 2012

Do you want to read all about what’s happening in the fitness industry? Do enjoy reading about health, fitness, nutrition and diet?  Do you like getting sent FREE stuff? Do you want a free digital issue? You should sign up for our FREE weekly FITzine…  Each Friday you’ll receive up to the minute fitness information straight to [...]

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Save £$£$ off the cover price of the magazine!

22 November 2012

SUBSCRIBE to the best fitness magazine in the UK!   Summer OFFER get 13 issues for just £19.99 (that’s an extra 2 issues over our normal 11 for a year). Save over £30 on the shop price!               Lose pounds, save £££ – it’s a GREAT deal! Digital magazine [...]

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Simple Strength Training

19 December 2014

Strength is defined as the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert maximum force and is an essential quality that most recreational sports people need to develop. Combined with a well rounded conditioning programme, strength training can have a huge impact on playing performance including increasing speed, reducing the likelihood and severity of [...]

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Press ups – full small

WoW – Thursdays Workout 18/12/2014

18 December 2014

Today’s workout is simple but far from easy. It only uses two exercises but hits just about every major muscle even so… Using around 70% of your bodyweight (adjust as necessary) perform 10 laps of the folloing pairing as fast as you can but while making sure you maintain good/safe form… 15 deadlifts 15 press ups [...]

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exerciser drinking

Don’t do that, do this!

17 December 2014

In banking and business one of the most important factors is getting a maximal return for the smallest possible investment. Essentially, you want to stack the odds in your favour. Exercise is no different. There are numerous ways to get fit, lose weight or increase your strength but surely, like the savvy banker, you want [...]

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Workouts that increase metabolism

16 December 2014

Your metabolism us the total amount of energy required by your body on a daily basis. If you increase your metabolism and eat less food than your need, any energy short-fall with have to be met by your body fat stores resulting in weight loss...

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WoW – Mondays Workout 15/12/2014

15 December 2014

For today’s workout, all you need is a skipping rope, some space and a stopwatch… Storm through the following as fast as you can. Burpees can be performed with or without the press up/jump as required.  10 burpees 100 jump rope turns 9 burpees 90 jump rope turns 8 burpees 80 jump rope turns 7 [...]

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feel the burn

Fitness Myth Busting!

12 December 2014

Fitness training is full of myths and misconceptions. Most of these pieces of misinformation are well-meant in that they often provide seemingly effective solutions for common fitness/fat loss problems. That being said, taking heed of some of these myths and misconceptions means that you may waste some of your valuable training time and energy and [...]

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WoW – Thursdays Workout 11/12/2014

11 December 2014

Today’s workout is a simple interval training session that can be performed on a treadmill, out on a track or, if you prefer not to run, using a rower. Starting every 3rd minute run/row 400 meters. Perform five intervals. The faster you run/row, the longer you get to rest (!) Start your next interval at [...]

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Turn your Fitness Upside Down!

10 December 2014

If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you always got. Despite bordering on being a tongue-twister, this truism explains why many exercisers fail to make satisfactory progress in their fitness training. Your body is a master adapter and the workout that once left you sore and tired is now, [...]

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Skeleton Ant

The effects of exercise on the skeletal system

09 December 2014

It’s often easy to overlook the effect that exercise has on the skeletal system because our bones and other associated skeletal organs are very much out of sight and out of mind. Exercise has a number of effects on our skeletal system both in the short and long term...

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WoW – Monday’s Workout 08/12/2014

08 December 2014

Deck of cards workout A deck of cards is an unusual workout tool but can make for a fun training session. In many ways, it’s just like having a pocket-sized personal trainer! Take your deck of cards and give them a good shuffle. Place the pack face down. Turn the top card face up and [...]

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