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Exercise Efficiency – The Cause of Stalled Fat Loss?

11 July 2014

Are you getting just too good at exercise? If you are you may well be undermining your fat loss efforts...

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WOW – Thursdays Workout 10/07/2014

10 July 2014

This simple but challenging workout targets your legs and cardiovascular system...

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The Seven Stages of Goal Setting

09 July 2014

Goal setting is an important part of health and fitness and can help keep you motivated. In this article, we explore SMARTER goals and explain how to set SMART goals for your own training and lifestyle choices...

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Exercises for Better Posture

08 July 2014

If you spend as much time as we do sat in front of a computer, you are in danger of developing a rounded upper back. In this article, we give you a few exercises on how to undo all of those hours spent hunched over your PC...

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How can I spice up my weight training routine?

08 July 2014

Have you been following the same strength training routine for longer than 6 weeks? If you have, you may need a change! Why not try one of these split routines?

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WOW – Mondays Workout 07/07/2014

07 July 2014

Todays workout is all about press ups and box squat jumps...

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All About Fat Loss – Part 2

06 July 2014

In part 1 of this article, we told you all about creating a calorie deficit. Todays article is a training programme to get you fit and lean for the summer...

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All About Fat Loss – Part 1

05 July 2014

Because there is so much information available on the huge variety of fat loss options available it’s easy to get bogged down in the detail and lose sight of the one set-in-stone rule that everyone seems to forget - to lose fat you MUST create a calorie deficit...

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Functional Fitness

04 July 2014

Be Fit for Everything! Workout Photography: www.snhfoto.co.uk Model: Thomas Ashby Functional Training is the new buzz-word in the fitness industry. We take a look at some of the key resistance exercises you should include in your functional training. Being functionally fit will improve your strength, speed, endurance, power and flexibility – and help you physically [...]

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What’s the Alternative – Leg Press

04 July 2014

Don’t do that, do this – Leg Press Leg press machines have come a long way in the last 50 years or so. For starters, in the golden-era of weight training and bodybuilding, lifters wanting to do the leg press would actually lay on their backs and balance a barbell on the souls of their [...]

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