Smoothie made of kale and spinachHi there

Today is kind of an “I’ll do it tomorrow” day. My back still hurts after my Deadlifts the other day so I’m not up for anything that involves med moving my body. I must have put to much weight on… or maybe.. I did them wrong? I’m going to call the gym and ask for a PT to help me when I get back. But until then I will allow myself to rest a bit more. I have made a super healthy smoothie based on kale and fresh spinach to make me feel a bit better about myself. The rest of the day will be spent by the pool in my backyard. Miranda is coming over to chitchat and check out a site I found this morning –
“No deposit bonus” sounds like music to my ears 😉

Have a nice day. I will be back in a few to tell you about my progress!

/future amateur pro rugby player

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