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I bet I´ll beat youHi!

My name I Hannah and I have been given the great honor to write a blog on this site. As you can see I have namned this post “a beginners blog”. To work out has always been one of my favourite hobbies. Or more of a lifestyle actually. But I tend to get bored really fast and constantly seeks new challenges. So how did I end up here?

Let me tell you a story:

Once there were two friends that shared everything. They cried together, laughed together, ate, lived and worked out together. To make a long story short: they were best friends. Since the first day they got to know each other they started to make bets. It began with small things like “I bet that you can’t jump over that fence” when they were out playing. When they grown bigger it sounded more like “I bet that you don’t dare to take your brothers moped out for a drive while he is asleep”.

Later on, after a few smaller accidents and a lots of scoldings from their parents, they started to bet together instead of against each other. Since they both had a huge interest of sports, they started to bet on different games. Sometimes they won, sometimes they didn’t. Only small amounts, just for fun.

To evolve their hobby and cash in some extra they started to visit sites that gathered information about the best betting sites online, bonuses and odds. Their latest favourite was called oddsexpert.co.uk. So far so good. But over time they became restless… One day when they searched through the page to find the best offer one of the girls said to the other: I’ll bet that you can’t do that! she pointed at a picture of the Rugby league….

The other girl was me, Hannah. Did I except the challenge? Of course I did! I realized that I would have to gain some muscles to succeed. So here I am, reading everything I can find about weight lifting online. Wish me luck, I’ll bet I will be the best amateur rugby player ever 😉

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