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Unleash all your mental ability and be a better athlete

The Mind Matters Workshops

Learn the secrets professional athletes use to beat their fears, PB’s and the competition!

You’ve put in the hours and the miles for your training. You’ve bought the kit and honed your technique to perfection. Now, maximize all that time, effort, and investment by developing your mind to take your performance to another level!

The level of mental readiness and mental control proves to be the only statistically significant link with final Olympic ranking, according to Orlick and Partington. Of the three major factors related to an athlete’s performance (physical, technical and mental), mental readiness was the difference that made the difference.

Mental readiness is derived from a number of learned mental skills that include the use of clear daily goals, imagery and simulation training and mental preparation for competition. Athletes knew what they wanted to accomplish and used imagery to visualise what they wanted to achieve, to perfect their skills, build confidence and manage race anxiety. They also learned what to focus on and how to deal with distractions. They perfected these skills through persistent daily practice and used during training and during their event.

To help you develop your mental skills, Bright Futures Coaching is offering a series of The Mind Matters workshops. The aim of these workshops is to help you build the foundations for strong mental preparation so you can maximize all that time and effort you put into your training to reach your potential. By developing your mental skills, you can get clearer as to the goals you want to achieve, increase your confidence in your abilities, deal with the inner critic and develop the focus and concentration to achieve consistent results.

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