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Quick Health and Fitness Tips Vol. 4

Need a quick hit of fitness and health information? Today’s article is just for you and focuses on fat loss…

A large percentage of the population is overweight and many of those people or actually obese. The definition of obesity is the accumulation of so much body fat that ill health is the result. Losing fat, exercise and diet can seem like very complicated topics as there is so much information available, especially on the internet. In this article, to save you a whole bunch of reading, I’ll provide you with some simple fast weight loss tips you can implement right now to help you lose fat, get fit and stay healthy.

Fast Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Eat vegetables at every meal
    Most vegetables contain very few calories so you can eat lots of them without having to worry about gaining weight. With the exception of starchy veggies like potatoes, you can eat pretty much unlimited amounts of the green stuff without worrying about weight gain. Fill your plate with veggies – you’ll find they are tasty, filling and above all healthy. Shoot for a variety of colours to ensure you get the broadest spectrum of nutrients possible. Try to eat your veggies in the rawest state you can so as to preserve the nutrients in these super foods. 
  2. Eat protein at every meal
    Protein foods such as lean meat, poultry, eggs and fish provide essential amino acids which help maintain your muscle mass and allow your body to grow and repair. Protein is also satisfying to eat and helps keep your metabolic rate elevated for hours after you have eaten. Stick to lean proteins to avoid consuming unnecessary calories but there is no need to become a fat-phobe. The fats that naturally occur in protein foods are generally good for you. This is especially true of fish.  
  3. Don’t drink your calories
    Many popular beverages like soda, juices and coffee-based drinks contain a lot of calories – either from sugar, fat or a combination of the two. It’s very easy to consume a lot of calories in liquid form without affecting your appetite. This means that you are more likely to overeat as calorie-dense beverages don’t register with the hunger centres of your brain the same way food does. Stick to water, plain coffee without sugar or cream, tea and green tea and, if you must have them, diet sodas. Save your calories for eating and not drinking. This applies to alcohol too…! 
  4. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach
    Grocery shopping when hungry is a sure-fire way to ensure you buy a bunch of empty calories that you don’t really need. Low blood glucose, caused by hunger, will likely result in a shopping basket full of cookies, cakes, chips and candy as that is what your body often craves when your blood glucose levels are low. Eat a well balanced meal an hour or so before you do your grocery shopping and also stay away from the isles where the concentrated carbs live – it’s better to avoid temptation completely than trust in your willpower.  
  5. Consume the majority of your carbs close to your periods of activity
    Carbs aren’t necessarily bad for you but they are the fuel for an active lifestyle. By this, I mean that the more active you are the more carbs you can and should eat. Most of us are, however, mainly sedentary. If you, like most people, earn your living and spend your leisure time sat down, you don’t need a whole lot of carbs – unlike someone like a builder who does hard manual labour all day. Mainly sedentary people should time their carb consumption around exercise and consume some before and then after workouts and mainly eat low carb meals the rest of the time. Consuming carbs before a workout ensures you have the energy to exercise and after will help refuel your muscles so you are good to go when you next hit the gym. The rest of the time, a lower carb intake is best.

Use these fast weight loss tips and you’ll soon start seeing progress in your weight loss efforts!

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