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May issue 2014 – features Ben Noy on ab training, 15 page Galaxy Girls special, fitness model school, Louise Hazel…..


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19 November 2012

Do you want to read all about what’s happening in the fitness industry? Do enjoy reading about health, fitness, nutrition and diet?  Do you like getting sent FREE stuff? Do you want a free digital issue? You should sign up for our FREE weekly FITzine…  Each Friday you’ll receive up to the minute fitness information straight to [...]

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Save £$£$ off the cover price of the magazine!

22 November 2012

SUBSCRIBE to the best fitness magazine in the UK!   Summer OFFER get 13 issues for just £19.99 (that’s an extra 2 issues over our normal 11 for a year). Save over £30 on the shop price!               Lose pounds, save £££ – it’s a GREAT deal! Digital magazine [...]

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oatmeal in bowl

An ode to oats

21 October 2014

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. After over eight hours of starvation during which your body has expended energy rebuilding and repairing, you are literally running on empty and it’s essential to get some fuel in the tank to help you get through the first part of your day. Many people [...]

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Rowing 2

WOW – Mondays workout 20/10/2014

20 October 2014

Todays warm up is an interval training session that can be performed on either a rowing machine or treadmill...Warm up for 3-5 minutes before getting stuck in!

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Mountain climbers

Three of the Best – Ab Exercises

17 October 2014

Straight to the point with no fluff or stuffing, in this series of articles we’ll tell you the three best exercises to give you maximum benefits from your workouts...

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WOW – Thursdays workout 16/10/2014

16 October 2014

Todays workout is a super-circuit that will have you fit and ripped in no time! All you need is a medicine ball and a Stability ball...

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bad deadlift

The importance of good technique

15 October 2014

I’ve just enjoyed watching James Mays’ Man Lab on BBC i-Player. Mr Mays was lucky enough to go to Loughborough University and have his penalty-kicking ability assessed by various boffins using some pretty hi-tech equipment. It was soon revealed that while James May is an excellent television presenter and authority on all things engineering; he [...]

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The Principles of Exercise

14 October 2014

If you want to see continued improvements in your fitness it is necessary push your body with progressively more challenging workouts. If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine, using the same exercises, the same weights, or running at the same speed over the same distances for more than a few weeks, chances are your [...]

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WOW – Mondays Workout 13/10/2014

13 October 2014

Burpees - we know you love 'em. Or maybe it's loath and we misheard you! Either way, today you will be doing a whole lot of them in your personal burpee challenge...

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Three of the Best – Shoulders Exercises

10 October 2014

Broad shoulders can make your waist look smaller and, with summer coming (allegedly!) many of us will be unveiling our delts to an unsuspecting world when we don our vest tops and hit the beach. Make sure your shoulders past muster by using these super shoulder exercises!

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WOW – Thursdays Workout 09/10/2014

09 October 2014

This workout is called 5BX* Density Blocks and should take exactly 25 minutes to complete. You don't need any special exercise equipment - just a mat, skipping rope and something to hand off of!

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Press ups – full small

20 Minute Workouts

08 October 2014

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby (1826-93) While everyone knows that exercise is pretty much essential for a long, productive and healthy life, many of us often find ourselves pulled in so many directions at once [...]

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