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19 November 2012

Do you want to read all about what’s happening in the fitness industry? Do enjoy reading about health, fitness, nutrition and diet?  Do you like getting sent FREE stuff? Do you want a free digital issue? You should sign up for our FREE weekly FITzine…  Each Friday you’ll receive up to the minute fitness information straight to [...]

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Save £$£$ off the cover price of the magazine!

22 November 2012

SUBSCRIBE to the best fitness magazine in the UK!   Summer OFFER get 13 issues for just £19.99 (that’s an extra 2 issues over our normal 11 for a year). Save over £30 on the shop price!               Lose pounds, save £££ – it’s a GREAT deal! Digital magazine [...]

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jump squat

Intergrated Circuit Training Part 1

29 July 2014

Intergrated circuit training is an advanced fitness training method that will get you in shape in double-quick time! Read all about it today and tomorrow, we'll provide you with five workouts that will kick your butt!

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burpees 1

WoW – Mondays Workout 28/07/2014

28 July 2014

Samurai Tabata Circuit Fearsome warriors, the Japanese Samurai would only re-sheath their swords once it had drawn blood and would commit ritual suicide if ordered to or if they felt their honour had been shamed. Thankfully, this workout as not going to result in any blood being spilt but it will certainly test your mettle. [...]

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Indoor rowing 2

Rowing Workout Ideas

25 July 2014

Indoor rowing is a fantastically effective workout but just jumping on the rower and plodding away can be a) dull! and b) not very time efficient. In today's article, we provide you with a few ideas on how to spice up and speed up your rowing workouts...

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WoW – Thursdays workout 24/04/2014

24 July 2014

Indoor Triathlon Equipment: Rowing machine, exercise bike, treadmill, stopwatch. Duration: Against the clock. Purpose: Aerobic conditioning. Method: This workout is a straight race against yourself and the clock. Perform each discipline as fast as possible, including the transitions between exercises—the time starts when you begin rowing and ends when you finish running. Although speed is [...]

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woman push ups

Ladder training for muscular endurance

23 July 2014

Reach new heights in muscular endurance training by using ladder training in your workouts...

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Our Favourite Full Body Exercises…

22 July 2014

Full body exercises offer a number of advantages over those that only target a small number of muscles or joints. Full body exercises develop coordination, burn large amounts of energy and also have the greatest carry over to everyday activities and sports. Exercises that utilize multiple muscles and joints are also very time efficient and [...]

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WoW – Mondays workout 21/07/2014

21 July 2014

It’s legs all the way today with our The Leg Blaster Giant Set workout! Duration: 20 minutes approximately Equipment: Stopwatch Method: Perform 3-5 laps of the following circuit and rest 60-90 seconds between laps. Adjust the reps up or down depending on your personal fitness level. 12 squat jumps 12 squats 12 jumping lunges (12 per [...]

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Copy of sit up throw 3

Effective Medicine Ball Exercises

18 July 2014

Leg extension busy? Is there a queue for the chest press? Don't waste time waiting - grab a medicine ball and try these exercises!

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WoW – Thursdays workout 17/07/2014

17 July 2014

Two workouts today one for the upper body and then one for the lower body, hence the name! Upstairs, Downstairs Duration: Approximately 25 minutes Equipment: Pull up/chin up station, Method: Perform 5 laps of both of the following circuits. One focuses on upper body (upstairs) while the other focus on your lower body (downstairs). Part [...]

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Deadlift collage

Exercises To Help Improve Your Dead Lifts

16 July 2014

The dead lift is one of the most productive and functional exercises you can do. Great for your legs, butt and back. Today's article details a few other exercises you can do to make you a better dead lifter...

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